Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Even That Commercials

Warner fumble, should have been reviewed but it was a fumble, he had the ball knocked out long before he made any throwing motion, the ball just stayed on his shoulder. It not even that all the commercials are man-centric. I think there was some excitement on the sideline, people coming up to talk to me. Barack obama should elect him secretary of santa claus. He completed 5 of 7 passes for 84 yards, and scrambled for 4 more.

From Stirring National Anthem Tingling

Once inside, people were sprinting to try and get front row seats. From a stirring national anthem to a tingling late finish, the steelers 27-23 victory over the cardinals was the greatest super bowl ever, one whose roman numbers should have been xxl for its double-extra-large helping of theatrics and dramatics. I think last years game was the most exciting ever, personally. He doesn ,t need to reconsider for his sake. Seems to me he has been playing that way all season due to a shakey o line.

Hall Fame Might Open Separate Category

And what to call the leaping catch that gave pittsburgh the victory. The hall of fame might open a separate category in which men like lebeau who had cross-over careers in football would be considered. But i wanted the cardinals to win. later, madden would call for harrison to be ejected after the linebacker punched a cardinal during a punt. Uga needs a dynamic coach to lead their team out of the doldrums and out of the dated and drab stegman collesium and dennis felton simply is not that person.

Baltimore Ravens Were 115

Mtv news will have wall-to-wall coverage of the event and of the scenes in washington, d. But the baltimore ravens were 11-5, and the steelers beat them three times (including the playoffs). Harry kalas announced puppy bowl v. At least harrison comes out with intensity none of the arizona cardinals defensive players are anywhere near the intensity that harrison comes out and plays the game with. As far as hitting someone hard, i have seen many a running back and receiver take the ball 50, 60, 70 yards after a lackluster attempt to stop them.

Steelers Three Times Spent

Just as he launched the ball toward anquan boldin, harrison dropped back into coverage and snatched the ball. The steelers cut him three times, so he spent a brief part of the 2004 season with the ravens before they eventually cut him as well. Previews a book by the cia top weapons investigator in iraq, chronicling saddam hussein last days and the u. Then again, with the roll we re on lately, who knows. As far as the noise that both sides makes about this issue of ref s, what difference does it really make.